Why choose a PIM tool?

The productivity of a company depends on several factors. It must, for instance, adopt the right strategy and find the right tools for managing workflow. This is when a PIM tool comes into play...

What is PIM?

PIM or Product Information Management is a product data system that centralises the information a company needs to trade and sell its products. This tool makes it possible to collect and manage data relating to the products offered for sale by a company. It is therefore a tool that allows the company to manage the data relating to its product. This management system allows the company to gain in productivity and to outperform its competitors. It was discovered around 1990 when the World Wide Web was popularised. PIM acts by coordinating the management and distribution of the company's product information to different distribution channels. Namely, there is the website related to the sale of the product, there are also the product catalogues. But also, it allows you to distribute your information to B to B or B to C e-commerce platforms. After reading this, why don’t you try a tool to improve your business, i.e. a product information management system?

The reasons to choose a PIM tool

For an online shop, having a data system for managing its products is crucial! This tool allows the company to centralise its product information and to organise and improve its sales channels. Moreover, for any company that wants to optimize its activity and improve its management, this tool is necessary. It can improve its activity and even its turnover as it can improve the reactivity of its website. What you get is a real digital transformation of the company's management. A PIM tool is also used by the sales teams of a company operating in online sales. It is also used by marketing teams in charge of content creation and also by brands that strengthen their relationship with their customers and suppliers.

Who uses a PIM tool

PIM is generally used by a company that works in online sales and cybercommerce. It is used by any company that uses technology and digitalisation to improve its business and brand awareness as well as to attract customers who wish to buy the products offered for sale by online sales companies.

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