How to choose your PIM software?

What is PIM? Cookies? Not at all! It's simply a product information system. Here is what do you need to consider when choosing a PIM software?

What is PIM?

PIM is a synchronisation software that manages and centralizes data. It is ideal for use with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and is very practical in all situations. There are many PIM providers out there today and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, but based on simple or basic criteria, choosing a PIM solution is easy. The term PIM is the abbreviation for Product Information Management. It is a programme that works in two stages. Firstly, it can manage all the data about the products offered for sale by the company, and then transfer it to other interfaces if they are optimised. Suppliers like Goaland can provide you with the best PIM solutions...

The benefits of PIM

The popularity of product management solutions are that globalisation makes it easier for companies to reach a wider and more diverse customer base while it is still difficult to manage many information sources that are difficult to match. On the other hand, due to the dispersion of objectives and the complexity of the Internet, it is now difficult to manage the supply and demand of products in a short period of time and to make simultaneous updates of products, as many criteria are now integrated into product descriptions (new media, new methods) to make them more attractive.

Criteria for choosing a PIM software

- The capacity of the data centralisation software The first criterion to take into account when choosing a PIM software is its potential to centralise the various data. Indeed, the software must be able to easily combine several data coming from any source, then to route them towards a specific database. - Exploitation of the data One of the criteria for selecting PIM software is also the exploitation of the company's data. The software must quickly analyse the information retrieved in order to synthesise it at a given moment across the various channels of the same company. The main objective is therefore to ensure the diffusion of data in the software. - Data protection Data protection is also an important criteria when choosing a PIM software. The aim is to ensure that computer data is distributed and archived in a highly secure database. This is important because the e-commerce site uses a lot of data in the online product catalogue.

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