How to create your website as a beginner?

Creating a website requires strong skills to get the results that visitors are entitled to expect when browsing. If not, here are some tips that might help...

Use the help of a web agency

This is obviously the go to solution. What could be more natural than to go to an expert in webdesign? There are plenty of them and they are able to give you the best advice according to your needs and your budget. The biggest benefit is that they will take care of everything, including web development, graphic design, domain name management, website hosting and data backup. By choosing this option, you will certainly get very good results. However, you need to have a budget that meets your needs and expectations. The larger and more complicated the services offered by a web agency are, the higher the bill. This makes sense, because you are calling in the professionals.

Creating your website on your own

One solution is to use open source scripts to manage it yourself. Although advanced skills are not required in most cases, you should feel able to follow the procedure below: - Order domain names and hosting - Manage the MySQL database - Install FTP software to send files online - Install the template that suits you (graphic charter) - Set up automatic database and online file backup - Update scripts Before you start, take the time to consider all the issues and risks involved in managing your website.

Using online services

An increasingly popular service is to create your website online semi-automatically. You have a constantly updated tool with which you can manage your content from a dedicated interface. You only have to worry about regularly uploading your content. If you go for this solution, the annual cost of your website will be cheaper, and most importantly, you won’t have to worry about updates or backups. It's also a ready-made product for people who are just starting out and don't have a big budget to create a website.

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