Top 3 accounting tools

Using accounting software is essential for the owners of VSEs and SMEs. It helps determine the financial health of their businesses.  That said, they record and store vital data in order to help owners make the right decisions for good management. This includes accounts receivable, accounts payable and profitability.  However, the choice of accounting software to use is anything but easy! Here is a selection of the 3 best accounting tools out there...

SAGE accounting

SAGE is a software publisher. It is best known for its all-in-one products. As accounting software, it offers 3 different options including Sage Business Cloud Accounting & Invoicing, Sage 50 Cloud Ciel compta and Sage 100 Cloud Accounting.  Sage 100 Cloud Accounting is the latest version of the SAGE range. That said, new functionalities in addition to those of the previous versions are available.  Indeed, apart from the management of estimates, fixed assets, invoices, credit notes and loans, it allows manual or automatic bank reconciliation. Likewise, remote declaration and remote payment in EDI VAT are also possible. Due to the mobility of today's businesses, this software is now available in online format and on mobile terminals. It should be noted that SAGE accounting software is suitable for both large and small companies.


Quikbooks is gaining popularity among small businesses. This is undoubtedly due to its numerous support services. Indeed, it offers online training resources to sharpen the financial skills of these growing businesses. There are also support forums for those in need. One of the strengths of Quikbooks is also its dashboard. This is where all financial transactions are summarised. In addition, it can be linked to other applications such as PayPal and Stripe.


ODOO is the favourite software of large companies. Apart from the basic tools of an accounting software, it allows the creation and sending of invoices. It can also be used as an online portfolio. Yes, it is possible to exchange funds and instantly import a company's bank statements with ODOO. In addition, communication with third parties is smooth. Indeed, sending reminder emails is very easy. Once the payment due dates have been reached, notifications appear and an email is sent to third parties in just a few clicks.

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