What is the best communication medium to participate in a trade fair?

These days, there are many communication materials you can use at a trade show with the aim of attracting the attention of visitors and sell your product. Communication tools can be used as a backgrounds or welcome images on your stand. You can offer flyers to your customers too...

What is a roll-up banner?

At a trade fair or exhibition, most companies go for the roll-up as a communication medium. Indeed, this medium is very effective and is recommended for trade shows. The stability of the self-supporting structure allows the stand to remain upright. The Roll-up is made up of a high resolution image which is then printed and glued to the stand. Depending on your needs, you are free to choose the format you want. Present your company's identity with this roll-up. This support is ideal to decorate the bottom of your stand. The most important thing is to make sure that the Roll-up is the first thing seen by the spectators who will then be your prospects. Depending on the format, you can put it on the side of your stand or as a background image. To transport it, you can roll it up before storing it.

What about posters?

Posters are the basis of all communication materials. To enhance your stand, you need to use posters. For posters to be successful, the quality must be excellent and the colour printing must be impeccable. Stick to the colours and logos of your company and choose the photos efficiently. Don’t forget to write the content carefully so that the communication medium is effective. Through posters, you can display your products or services by showing your company's identity and thus make sales by presenting your company's objectives. All in all, good poster construction guarantees better communication.

Share brochures and flyers with your customers

Posters and roll-ups attract attention but visitors cannot take them away. However, some customers need time before they buy a merchandise. To promote your product, it is recommended that you share brochures and leaflets. These should highlight your company's image. The content should be accurate, indicating the location, website, name on social networks, products or services and all your contact details. Their design should obviously match your brand's logo.

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